Prequel Power!

The first of the Jack the Mac short story prequels has been posted. Check it out on the page on this blog listed as “Jack the Mac: Gun For Hire (Mercenary Included). There it is! Just to the right! Click on it, read, and get excited for March 15 release of The Jack the Mac Chronicles!

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Jack the Mac

Looks like the release date for the spectacular novel, The Jack the Mac Chronicles from Wild Child Publishing, will be March 15. Mark your calenders. Don’t have a calender? What the hell! You can get them from Borders for a dollar now! Doesn’t matter if we’re two months into the year already! A dollar! Go buy a calender and mark the date!

In the meantime, we will provide random short stories from Jack the Mac’s past to get you in the mood. The stories will be posted here once every couple of weeks, depending on our mood. Look for the first one this Tuesday! And after you look for it, read it.

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Blogging Begins

Here you will find fresh thoughts and even some short stories from the minds of Pedro Cerda and Daniel Stiles. Read and be amused. At least be offended. It’s free, after all. That certainly offends us.

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The Legend

Striking out to make names for themselves in the brutal desert land of Tucson, Arizona, Pedro Cerda and Daniel Stiles chose the profession of security by which to build their renown. The process of vocational evolution brought sarcasm from exuberance, irritation from helpfulness and most importantly, apathy from vigilance. Through the natural selection of a shopping mall, they learned the path for survival could be arrived at by way of detachment from care. It exists as a lesson others might comprehend through the pages of their stories, testimony put forth as the ladder of salvation from the balcony perch of chaos. You can be saved but if not, that’s your own problem.

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